Poll: To Score or not to Score?

I don’t really like scores.

Scores give the illusion of Science. They invoke a vision of  lab coats, rigour and precision.  But that’s rubbish. They’re subjective and awkward. As @Furlywurly once remarked, we might as well award Apples and Bananas.

However, this is a site for short-format reviews, so we kind of need something. Here’s what I propose:

1 out of 5: Terrible. Awful. Avoid.

2 out of 5: Not terrible. Not awful. But not exactly good either.

3 out of 5: Does the job. If this were PC Zone it’d score 79%.

4 out of 5: Pretty good.  But there’s something about it – price, features, whatever, that stops it from getting to the top slot.

5 out of 5: Superb. Any minor flaws can be overlooked because it’s just so damned excellent.

What think you? If you have any thoughts then let me know via the magic of this poll:


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