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There’s just time to review this before I take it back to the shop. It isn’t that it’s cheaply made (it is, but it’s also cheap) or that it doesn’t sound good (for the price, it sounds fine). It’s that it comes with a bog-standard telescopic antenna, and such antennae really aren’t up to the job. If you live in an area with good DAB coverage then this would make a sensible, even advisable, purchase. If not, it’s all but unusable. 3/5


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This review is for @RenderB, who recoiled in horror at the mention of the word ‘bass’ in last week’s Steelseries Flux review. Fear not, my friend. The Flux’s grown-up sibling, the Flux In-Ear Pro, has no such urban pretentions. This time the sound is more Concert Hall than Rock Club, with balanced armature technology which creates an exceptionally accurate soundscape. Drawbacks are a fiddly fit, a poor inline microphone and a weighty price tag. The Pro also shares the Flux’s dislike of cheap PC soundcards. However, if you’re using them with your iThing, and you value precision over power, they’re well worth a try. 4/5 

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The headphones that make music fun again. The sound is more Rock Club than Concert Hall, with an enveloping, boomy bass that underlines sweet trebles and clear midtones. There’s clarity here, but not at the expense of power. The Flux features interchangeable cables, so it’s also possible to set them up as a PC headset. They don’t work too well with front audio ports, but they produce decent gaming audio when plugged directly into a soundcard. Like many similar headphones, prolonged use can lead to squashed ears; if you can live with that then you’ll find that this is an exceptional general-use headset at a very reasonable price. 4.5/5  

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