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UDO-Steelhammer-DLPSteelhammer. Steelhammer. Steelhammer. Hammering your brain.
Steelhammer. Steelhammer. Steelhammer. Driving you insane.

No, it’s not deep, but it is fun. UDO’s latest album marks a triumphant return to 80’s values – straightforward tunes, crisp production and silly lyrics. Highlights include the powerful opener (Steelhammer, Steelhammer; you get the message), the Louis-Armstrong-esque ‘Heavy Rain’ and the overblown ‘Book of Faith’. Some of the more straightforward songs are frothy and forgettable, but they’re all imbued with an infectious sense of enthusiasm. Objectively, it’s a middling album – it falls some way short of being Metal Heart Part 2 – but objectivity be damned. There’s plenty here to put a smile on the face of any ageing headbanger. 3.5/5



Actually a reference to Osama Bin Laden rather than any of that Satanic nonsense, Kreator’s Phantom Antichrist is an exceptional album. The title track is the highlight: thunderous kick drums, powerful vocals, a catchy tune and satisfyingly intricate hooks. And METAL, obviously.  While they never match the aggression of the opener, the next few tracks keep up the pace with some virtuoso guitar solos and belt-it-out choruses. The closing songs slide down into the ‘very good’ category, but they still display nuggets of brilliance. It’s also worth checking out the Special Edition DVD, which contains an interesting ‘making of’ together with live concert footage. This is modern thrash at its very best. 5/5