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@Furlywurly has always been the strong, silent type. Thrill to his presence in this review, in which he conveys a 4/5 using the power of mime alone.


For more, visit FurlyWurlyFilms on that YouTube. We’ll be checking that you did.


Today’s review comes from the absurdly talented @Furlywurly. Check out that intro! I’ve no idea how he does it. A pact with the devil, probably.

Anyway, we’re giving this one a 3/5. ’tis a sweet little thing, for a while.


P.S. If you need more Kevin in your life, give him a follow at @Furlywurly or on YouTube at FurlyWurlyFilms. He’s always doing stuff like this.


We’ve only been in existence for a day, and already we have our first Guest Review! Please welcome Doomus, the Master of Bleak Metal, as he reviews Tuesday 17th September, 2013:

My review of this morning: Poor visuals, weak dialogue and a frustrating lack of progression mar a potentially solid experience. 2/5

Let this be a lesson to you. Many other days are available. Choose one of them  instead.