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[UPDATE:  Today is release day, so I can now reveal that the redacted words were tenseStalinist and brilliant.  And it’s all of those things, with the possible exception of ‘Stalinist’. It’s also a perfect starting point for new players, with a well-judged difficulty curve and some interesting challenges. I’ll be doing a video review as soon as I can manage it: in the meantime, there are discounts to be had at]


WHAT? Axis loss? I thought I knew how to play this game!

I’ve been dabbling with preview code for Black Turn, the final DLC for turn-based wargame Unity of Command. Sadly, I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so I can’t divulge any details just yet. I can’t tell you that it’s as <REDACTED> as it ever was. I can’t tell you that the AI is one mean <REDACTED>.  If someone tells you that it’s <REDACTED>, that someone wasn’t me.

What I can tell you is that the base game – Unity of Command – is the pinnacle of strategic excellence. If you’ve ever enjoyed a Panzer General-style game, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Black Turn will be released on December 10th.  Oh, it involves Operation Barbarossa and those infamous Russian winters. Winter is coming, see? Sigh.

Here’s my review of Unity of Command:
And here’s the Black Turn announcement:


@Furlywurly has always been the strong, silent type. Thrill to his presence in this review, in which he conveys a 4/5 using the power of mime alone.


For more, visit FurlyWurlyFilms on that YouTube. We’ll be checking that you did.

Here’s one I made earlier.


1996’s Privateer 2 was a great game. That’s no longer the case. Time hasn’t been kind to this strange, wonderful hybrid of big-budget film and space-flight simulator. The movies are fuzzy, the combat basic, the graphics dated. Nevertheless, it still has bags of atmosphere and it’s still a well-crafted game. There’s plenty to do – expect your campaign to include missions, trading, piracy and bounty-hunting – but it’s the star-studded FMV segments that take centre stage. This release has a few glitches, and you’ll need to apply a fan-patch to get it working properly, but patient gamers will find that Privateer 2 is a game that’s worth rescuing from cryosleep. 3/5

Today’s review comes from the absurdly talented @Furlywurly. Check out that intro! I’ve no idea how he does it. A pact with the devil, probably.

Anyway, we’re giving this one a 3/5. ’tis a sweet little thing, for a while.


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Review: Max Payne 3 (PC)

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Games
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My Max Payne experience, summarised in three words: Yawn. Yay! Grrr.

Max Payne may be Rockstar’s other franchise, but there’s no doubt that they’ve lavished their not-inconsiderable resources on this title. It’s a fabulous game, dripping with big-budget sensibilities and superbly crafted action sequences. Max is the same guy we’ve known for a while – a washed up ex-cop with a predilection for self-pity and one-liners – but he’s still got the moves. The action is cinematic, balletic and brutal. As a pure action shooter, Max Payne 3 ranks among the very best.

And yet… it’s all so achingly familiar. The opening levels impress with their lavish production values, but they’re essentially the same Max that we’ve played at least twice before. Yawn. However, roughly a third of the way through, the story picks up and the environments become more lavish. Rockstar also use this moment to introduce their trump card: the first of many incredible set-pieces. Yay! Then the shooty excellence continues unabated all the way to the conclusion, when the increasing intensity and checkpoint saves conspire to create some truly frustrating end-of-game moments. Grrr.

Thankfully, the Yay! gets the casting vote. Despite the lingering feeling of deja-vu, it’s one hell of a ride. Don’t miss it. 4/5


Allied Corps is the latest member of a proud gaming dynasty. Tin soldiers begat tabletop wargaming begat Panzer General begat Panzer Corps. Then Panzer Corps spawned a standalone expansion, and this is it. With such a rich heritage, it’s no surprise that Allied Corps is a solid, enjoyable title. It’s turn-based and delivers a finely crafted campaign with interesting maps and steady progression. Thirty scenarios cover World War 2 from North Africa to Berlin, and there’s also hotseat, single-battle and multiplayer play. Don’t expect edge-of-the seat thrills, but do expect a traditional, thoughtful wargame with plenty of content. 4/5.

Read the full review at DigitallyDownloaded: